Old World Parchment Lampshades

Studio Veneto carries an extensive selection of the finest handcrafted Old World style lampshades, flatbacks, and half shades.
Peruse our selection of exquisite handmade lampshades, or call us to discuss custom options & new arrivals.
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Parchment Lampshades / Flatbacks and Half Shades

Studio Veneto uses the finest parchment available to ensure the best light quality. We feature many different style parchment shades which are uniquely
designed and have been hand finished. Techniques include gold and silver leafing, etched designs also we design shades to compliment individual lamp bases.
An array of lampshades compliment the room like an array of fabrics compliment a room. You will want to use a variety of Fortuny as well as
Parchment lampshades to build texture into your room just as you have with pillows and other accessories.
Our Parchment Lampshades bring a beautiful glow into your life and your surroundings. Remember there is more than just "White Lampshades" available.

Parchment Lampshades / Flatbacks and Half ShadesParchment Lampshade 2019

Medium Opaque Red Parchment Very Venetian with Gold Leafing Inside and Old World Metallic Trim

Parchment LampshadeParchment Lampshades 2026

Small Light Parchment Hand Painted Old World Emblem and Gold Leafing Top and bottom Custom Looped Trim Flatback/Shield

Parchment LampshadeParchment Lampshades 2033

Medium French Blue Parchment with Paneled Gold Leaf Hand Painted with a Country French Flair

Parchment Lampshades / Flatbacks and Half ShadesParchment Lampshade 2037

Large Parchment with Manuscripts Terracotta Banding Top and Bottom Similar Featured at Hearst Castle Library
1 Available

Parchment Lampshades / Flatbacks and Half ShadesParchment Lampshade 2043

Large Molded Dark Brown Parchment Castle Inspired Family/Crest Coat of Arms Half Shade/Shield

Parchment LampshadeParchment Lampshades 2048

Medium Stunning Hand Painted Parchment Faded Teal and Marigold Design Flatback/Shield with 3" Custom Looped Trim


If you haven't spotted the perfect lampshade give us a call
we have many more in our showroom and would be happy to send you pictures of additional inventory.
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